Shorye Chopra

The stars must have definitely been aligned for my son, Shorye Chopra and my family when we walked into G-Force and asked for enrolling Shorye into the academy. It was our lucky day as Mr Gopal Jaspara, the head coach of the academy accepted our request. Since then the learning, the competitive spirit, the experience, the attitude, the quality of coaching, the passion of the coaches, the cricketing acumen and the values the academy instils into these young, impressionable minds has been absolutely exemplary.

All in all it has been a brilliant journey of learning for Shorye. I can say without an iota of doubt that Shorye's success in the cricketing field and the strong values he now exhibits are largely due to the grooming he has received at G-Force, under the passionate leadership of their outstanding coach and superb human being, Gopal Sir. I am delighted to have my son shape his cricket as well as his character under this excellent academy and wish G-Force all the best for shaping the future of many a budding talent.

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