Star Performer

Varun Totadri

I am sure every parent will agree with me in saying that this tour has been exceptional. 

It has made the boys appreciate how important P3D formula in Sports is - Passion, Dedication, Determination & Discipline. 

I wish to congratulate all the boys for demonstrating true professionalism and maturity at such a young age. 

We are extremely proud of you all! 

Most importantly we are so happy to be part of the Gforce family.

Ofcourse it goes without saying that all this would not have been possible but for the relentless & untiring efforts of super coach Gopal Jaspera and his team - Mohan, Shivram & Ayub (and other people who help from behind) for moulding the children into responsible cricketers and building the winning spirit in them. 

Good luck for a bright future! 
Warm Regards