Dubai International Academy, Emirates Hills, Location

Our newest location in Dubai. DIA is equiped with 3 cricket nets, in their state of the art school campus. A convivent location, and marking the G force presence in New Dubai.

DPS Sharjah, Location

In partnership with DPS Sharjah, for 4 years and it has become a prime coaching location for the academy. A great location with 1 astro net, and a centre wicket cricket ground. Allows a full functionality for the academy to conduct coaching programs & tournaments. 

Cricketlovers Ground, Jadaf, Location

Just at the Creek metro station, near the jadaf drydocks. We have 4 cricket nets (Astro turf), and a centre wicket with a 42 yards boundry on either side. A cage cricket, similar to indoor cricket court. Vast grass area, giving alot of space to conduct different cricketing activities.