39th Mumbai Cricket Tour made all the difference

G Force Cricket Academy has done a cricket tour in December 2019 in Rajkot and no one has ever dreamed that we will not have tours for the next 2 and half years. Covid has stopped the World movement & people were more indoor and reserved in their own life.

Though Covid’s impact was there for the first 6 months International Travel was only possible after 2 years. Parents got the confidence to send their kids alone with the coaches.

We were fortunate and lucky to have a timely cricket tour to spend some quality cricket knowledge & experience with our budding cricketers. Boys have played good & competitive matches in Mumbai and Gujarat.

35 boys were fortunate enough to travel as one big unit to improve their skills & experience Mumbai cricket. Thanks to the support of coaches and people who have been involved to make it successful.

It went like a beautiful dream and we all had a wonderful time with cricket & culture. They travelled well and most importantly, no one got injured or had a Covid impact….

39th Cricket tours pictures are all uploaded here within the Gallery. Enjoy the memories we have created.

Thank you for all the support and trust in us.